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Below is a selection of our most recent case studies which we hope will provide you with an idea of the range and quality of work that we can supply.

Microscreed Floors - Resin Flooring North East Ltd

Microscreed flooring Harrogate North Yorkshire
Epoxy resin primer blinded with fine dried aggregate
Micro screed floor installed within walk in shower
Solacir microscreed bespoke interior concrete floors

Added: 6th November 2015

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| Harrogate in Yorkshire - North

Seamless Poured Liquid Polyurethane Resin Flooring Systems Uk

Barefoot Comfort Floors North South East West London
Barefoot Floors seamless polyurethane flooring London
Barefoot Flooring seamless resin floors London
Barefoot Interiors poured polyurethane floors London

Added: 28th October 2015

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| Newham in London

Resin Exteriors Resin Bound Paving Bonded Stone Newcastle Jurys Inn

Resin Bonded Aggregates City Centre Newcastle Jurys Inn
Resin Bonded Paving Scotswood Road Newcastle Upon Tyne
Exterior resin surfaces Newcastle Upon Tyne Jurys Inn
Resin Bound Surfacing Scotswood Rd Newcastle Jurys Inn

Added: 26th August 2015

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| Newcastle in Tyne and Wear

Dust Free Concrete Floor Grinding North East of England

Dust free concrete grinding Castle Eden County Durham
Concrete grinding residential property County Durham
Concrete grinding by Resin Flooring North East Ltd
Dust free floor screed preparation North East England

Added: 26th August 2015

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| Durham in Co Durham

Domestic Concrete Floors - Resin Flooring North East Ltd

Subfloor prior to installation of Solacir Microscreed
Kitchen area before installation of Microscreed
Damp proof membrane installation after preparation
Floor surface prior to polymer screed installation

Added: 21st August 2015

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| Hull in North Humberside

Anti static industrial resin floor screeds and coatings North East

Seamless epoxy anti static resin flooring system Durham
Installation of earthing points epoxy flooring Durham
Installation of copper tapes to form circuits Durham
Anti Static resin flooring installation at TRW Peterlee

Added: 25th July 2015

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| Peterlee in Durham

Anti Static Floors Durham - Resin Flooring North East Ltd

installation of copper tapes and earthing terminals
Conductive layer of primer containing carbon fibres
Anti static flooring at TRW in Peterlee County Durham
Seamless anti static resin flooring North East England

Added: 18th July 2015

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| Durham in Co Durham

Industrial Epoxy Floor Paint Coatings Screeds Redcar Cleveland

Prepared concrete substrate at Redcar garage
Concrete substrate prepared by diamond grinding Redcar
Epoxy resin primer applied to prepared substrate Redcar
Primed floor surface at Redcar High Performance Garage

Added: 17th July 2015

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| Redcar in Cleveland

Resin Exteriors Supplies Installations Sunderland Tyne and Wear

St Peters Church Resin Bonded Aggregates installation
Decorative Resin Bonded Stone Sunderland Tyne and Wear
Resin Bonded Pathway Surfaces St Peters Church
Exterior Resin Flooring Sunderland North East England

Added: 28th June 2015

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| Sunderland in Tyne and Wear

Epoxy Coatings Floor Screeds Resin Flooring Washington Tyne and Wear

Dust free surface preparation diamond grinding
Surface preparation before application of epoxy coating
Prepared floor surface primed with epoxy primer
Epoxy flooring installation Washington Tyne and Wear

Added: 27th June 2015

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| Washington in Tyne and Wear

Anti static floors conductive epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings

Antistatic flooring installation Peterlee County Durham
Installation of copper tapes to form grid and circuit
Antistatic floors by Resin Flooring North East Ltd
Conductive layer encapsulating grid and floor surface

Added: 26th June 2015

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| Peterlee in Durham

Microscreed Flooring - Resin Floors North East Ltd

Commercial microscreed installation Carlisle Cumbria
Microscreed installed at health and beauty spa Cumbria
Solacir microcreed applied to staircase in Carlisle
Microcreed flooring Carlisle Cumbria North West England

Added: 26th April 2015

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| Carlisle in Cumbria

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