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Industrial Floor Painting High Build Epoxy Coatings North East

Added: 21st January 2016

  • Industrial floor painting North Shields Tyne and Wear
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  • Industrial factory floor painting Washington Tyne Wear

Industrial floor painting and high build epoxy coatings experts Resin Flooring North East Ltd have installed 4000m2 industrial resin floor coatings at Freudenberg Technical Products at New York Industrial Estate North Shields Tyne and Wear.

The concrete substrate was prepared by dust free diamond grinding to provide a key for the new high build epoxy flooring system. The prepared concrete substrate was then vacuumed to remove all traces of dust and debris.

The prepared concrete substrate was then primed with a clear solvent free epoxy resin primer and allowed to cure. Pedestrian walkways were then masked and painted in the colour poppy red using a high build solvent free epoxy resin coating. The work areas were then coated with stirling grey using a high build epoxy floor coating. Once the high build epoxy coating had cured the process was then repeated until two coats were applied.

Line demarcation was then added to the perimiters of the pedestrian walkways in the colour safety yellow using a high build epoxy coating to complete the operation.