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Epoxy Floor Screeding Systems Build Ups North East

Added: 28th January 2016

  • Prepare concrete substrate
  • Prime prepared substrate with epoxy primer
  • Install epoxy floor screed upon prepared concrete base

Trowel Applied Epoxy Flooring Screed System Build-Ups

The highest mechanical and abrasion / thermal shock resistant resin flooring systems are produced with trowel applied epoxy floor systems that are usually based on solvent free resins and highly filled with selected and graded special sands or other aggregates to provide the high impact, wear and shock resistance demanded from the epoxy floor.

Trowel applied epoxy flooring screed system build-ups are normally laid with traditional floor screeding techniques, or including machine mortar screeds and power-float finishing techniques, (these are also known as the Resin Floor Type Classification 8). The thickness of trowel applied epoxy flooring systems is normally recommended and specified to be from a minimum of 4mm and more frequently from 6 to 9mm in total, in order to get the maximum advantages and benefits from this type of epoxy floor system i.e. the increased mechanical impact, wear and thermal shock resistance etc. There may also then be an additional requirement for a final epoxy floor sealer coat of the same pigmented epoxy floor binder or another epoxy based floor sealing coating where total impermeability and high chemical resistance is also required from the resin floor system build-up. This additional sealer coating is applied on top of the epoxy floor finish (this resin floor system build-up is then known as the Resin Floor System Type Classification 6).

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